Do you have questions about the Bitcoin Country Club?  Here are some answers.

What’s your dress code?

It's simple.  The dining room is coats and ties for the gentlemen and dresses or skirts for the ladies.  The mixed grill is sportcoats and no ties required and dress slacks are acceptable for the ladies, but no denim, warm-ups or tennis shoes.  Collared shirts at the golf course and tennis court and knee length shorts.  Since the club is primarily virtual remember NO t-shirts on google hangouts and such.

What about my mobile phone?

There are no cell phones allowed in the club.  We know.  It sounds crazy, but a lot of people like their phones so much that they don't come to the club so often and this cuts down on the overall traffic pressure on the facilities.  Leave your phone in your car.  If you need to be reached in an emergency, the front desk staff will page you.  How will people who may want to reach you know you are at the BTCCC?  They will know when you don't respond to their urgent call.  The phone number for the club is in the phone book... remember phone books?  Trying to sneak your phone onto the golf course is ill advised as is sitting in your car while it is idling in the parking lot while having extended phone conversations.


What about language?

Cursing and general foul language (i.e. Trump "locker room talk" is frowned upon here.  If you can't exhibit self-control you will probably never be invited to join the club.  Other people don't want to be subjected to your limited vocabulary.  You can expect to hear from the club staff (and the general membership) if your language is loud, boisterous or aggressive in any way whatsoever.  The club is meant to be a quiet place of both solitude at certain times and festive celebration at other times and our members know the difference... or they are no longer members.