Our Approach

Our Approach

From the outset, the BTCCC has been based on one simple idea.  Clubs are private while Bitcoin is public.  Public is by nature uncensorable (i.e. yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater withstanding Schenck v U.S. - 1919 SCOTUS) like the only real blockchain.  When anything can happen, everything happens and everything can be a bit overwhelming... that's why there's a club so you don't have to go to 4chan or even Reddit which used to be legit, but now not so much.

Here, you know what to expect because there are rules.  Hospitality, courtesy and respect come with the territory that is within the club's boundaries.

Our Story


Current members invite prospective members and club membership is reviewed by the membership committee which is elected by the membership at large.

Meet the Team

These are not real people.  Actually they ARE real people, but they are not our "team".  These are stock photos of people.  You've probably heard people say that they "belong" to a country club.  This country club belongs to its members, so the members who participate make up the team.  If visitors to this page don't take the time to read, they will think these stock photos are paid staff.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

If Regan was a real person she would be in charge of the club's social calendar.  In other words on June 4th when four different members are trying to schedule the club for their daughter's wedding, Regan would be the one to tell three of them to pick another Saturday.  Did we demote Regan from CEO to cruise director because she's a woman?  No.  Women are welcome for membership consideration  and leadership positions and... if they chose to be men, so be it.  The most powerful position at a social club is the social director... which is Regan.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric would never work at the BTCCC.  His grooming doesn't meet the club standards.  Yes, he looks like a Bitcoiner, but no he is not welcome at the club (unless he is your guest and wears a sport jacket).  If the club outsources it's I.T. infrastructure to a local company, then Eric would work for that company.  Those are the only two ways you would ever see Eric here.  BTW Eric's photo is strangely larger than the other photos.  Is he actually that big or is it an illusion?


Timothy Barrett


Timothy is our club manager.  We don't have an actual manger, but Timothy is no CFO.  He's a natural born leader, president, CEO, founder, etc.  Timothy doesn't tilt his head or smirk.  He looks at you straight on with perfect posture and shoulders that carry the weight of proof of work without breaking a sweat.  That's why the executive committee will hire him to run the club if we can find him.

Next Steps...

There's really no next step for you to take.  That's why we describe our club as non-rivalrous.  You can simply start your own club online for about $10.  Clubs are not limited to 21 million, but THIS club exhibits artificial scarcity imposed by the membership process.  Non-members (essentially everyone) have been excluded from this club by definition and it is that EXCLUSION that by nature, creates the value.  For more on the subject you may want to read James M. Buchanan's "An Economic Theory of Clubs" circa 1965.  You won't get in THIS club for $10... believe me.